December 2015 Vol.1

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Breaking News – New 154 Berth Marina approved for Cattle Bay, Eden

Work begins on 300 Berth $600 million Marina at Shell Cove (NSW)

Shell Cove Marina Takes Shape

Liquidators get approval to terminate Port Hinchinbrook Marina berth leases

PORT Hinchinbrook resid­ents who paid to lease marina berths during the development’s glory days will be thousands of dollars out of pocket after a Supreme Court ruling

Jennifer Hawkins and Michael Clarke both buy into a new $388 Million luxury Marina Development­

Trinity Point final approval expected soon –
Johnson Property Group will develop the $388 million project at Morisset Park, overlooking Bardens Bay

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Mini-Dredger for Marina Dredging features:

·      Self-Propelled Cutter Suction Dredger

·      Lightweight, Highly Maneuverable

·      Ideal for Channel and Inlet Dredging

·      Marina Maintenance Dredging

·      Dredging of Channel Entrances

·      Marinas and Boat Ramps; Deepening Berths

·      Kelp Removal and Sea Grass Removal Function

·      Features Anti-Turbity Shroud

·      Seafloor Imaging with Side Scan & Structure Scan Sonar

We offer a fleet of various mini-dredgers to accommodate different dredging projects that can reach various depths of silt or sediment removal. Projects included dredging marinas to safely allow more vessel traffic access. Offer fully transportable dredging equipment and professional highly experienced staff, contractors and project managers.

Services include Desilting, Dredging & Sediment Removal, Sludge or Settlement Dewatering, Marina Clearing, Marina Maintenance Dredging, Erosion and Shoreline Protection and Environmental Dredging.

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