May 2019 Vol. 1

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Special Offer on Sediment and Silt Characterisation and Analysis

ExcelPlas lab offering sediment analysis for elemental profile and particle size grain analysis for less than $100/sample including full report. We will analyse the sample for elemental contamination, determine particle size and morphology and provide a full technical report.  This testing can guide dredging, channel deepening and beach renourishment work. See the following brochure for details:

Of all the commercial marine interests impacted by the regular accumulation of sand, silt and debris — otherwise known as sedimentation — perhaps none are so adversely affected as marinas. Due to the very nature of public and private marinas that supply safe havens for mariners to moor, dock and launch their boats, the passageways of marinas need to be kept free and clear of obstacles and debris at all times.

However, since marinas are typically located in calmer, quieter spots that offer boats heightened protection from exposure to rough winds and pounding waves, they’re also often places where water currents slow down. As a result, they deposit the sediment and debris they carry with them.

A marina dredge is often the best solution to effectively remove accumulated sediment. Yet depending on the severity of the sedimentation, the type of dredge employed and the method of disposal of the dredge spoils, a marina may or may not have to close during the dredging operation. This difference can have a significant economic impact on a marina and the companies that depend on its normal operation, such as charter boat and commercial vessel operators.


When marina dredging is required, the equipment and method chosen for these crucial maintenance operations are vitally important to the safe passage of vessels, but also to the ongoing financial welfare of a facility and its clients.

In addition to the potential impact of dredging on a marina’s operations, many larger dredges and excavators can pose problems for delicate shorelines and the wellbeing of aquatic life in the immediate area. All things considered, if the disruption to a marina is too great, the results of using the wrong type of dredge can have long-lasting negative consequences.

Fortunately, the Mini-Dredger Sediment Removal System is a highly portable yet powerful dredge that can outperform dredges twice its weight and size. Designed to work in tight spaces around other equipment and obstacles, it’s the perfect choice for all types of marina dredging.

The Mini-Dredger is a world-class compact dredging system. It offers the following benefits that make it an ideal choice for removing sludge and sediment from marinas, with minimal impact on their operations:

* Portability: Its footprint is a fraction of what many other dredges require to operate.

* Accessibility: Since you can transport it with one trailer and a haul vehicle, you can mobilize, launch and recover the Mini-Dredger with minimal effort involved.  Also, thanks to its compact size, you can easily maneuver it into boat slips, as well as around docks and moorings of all sizes.

* Capabilities: Don’t let its light weight and small size fool you. The Mini-Dredger is a powerful machine, featuring a 6000 LPM pumping rate and a high-torque, direct-drive cutter head. The unit delivers dredging rates of 6000 LPM over 300 m horizontally, so it works effectively, regardless of whether you’re pumping spoils to a nearby shoreline, filling geotextile tubes or pumping directly to a barge for later disposal.

More Information:

Mini Dredgers trading as Dredging Services (ABN 94 139 335 194)
Factory Address: 473 Warrigal Road (Rear)
Postal Address: PO Box 147
Moorabbin VIC 3189

Toll-free: 1800 DREDGE (373 343)
Mobile: 0407-261-913
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